Our values, mission and vision help us to create strong culture and atmosphere-a unique for Armenian market. As a leading company in Armenia, we have diverse values and principles that affect our daily operations. Whatever we do, primarily we think about our hard-acquired reputation and customer satisfaction. Our corporate culture and our values, strategy, mission and vision unite our employees and provide clear guidance and leadership.
We work hard to make a difference, to surpass market standards and to create sustainable value for our customers, for our employees and their families, for our partners, for our country. In order to achieve our strategic goals and sustainable growth, we retain employees who correspond to our values and will not trade off the customer satisfaction with a larger profit.

Service, comfort and accessibility for every customer

We do care about each customer. Every person who enters the shop is valuable to us. Based on our vision and mission we want to differ by our service quality and professionalism. So let’s be the leader in the market! Differ by your attitude and you will make a better world. Business reputation and image are only as good as our customer’s experience. The attitude of each employee shapes our image. Everyone who interacts with customers should realize this.

We always encourage our employees leading them and demonstrating acceptable behaviors and attitudes and avoid judging each other. Judging people and lack of respect is the easiest way to destroy the positive workplace culture.
People may disagree over at work, but no one wants to feel like they are being disrespected. We understand that everyone has a different perspective and outlook on how a project will progress or the best way to solve a problem or a difference in work style. We establish our relations and communications within the frame of mutual respect and in a polite manner. We show consideration for one another and recognize each other’s peculiarities.

As a leading company in Armenia, we should always work together for the same purpose. Teamwork is an activity that many people try to avoid in the workplace, nevertheless there are many projects that individual talent is not enough. When working in a team, we are working towards a common goals or set of objectives. The whole process of work becomes more efficient, the inspiration and ideas can result for great team discussions, and there is a lot more scope for creativity in comparison to working on a project alone. We always promote the importance of teamwork in our workplace, as it enables everyone to feel important and responsible.

We always reward employees who step up and take responsibility. We do not permit the formation of risk carrying conditions, instead we encourage our employees to gain confidence in their abilities and show the importance of their role in our workplace. When things go wrong, we are willing to help them to correct mistakes and show them clearly how things could and should be done. Taking responsibility is not something that we force our employees to do, but, by taking these actions, we are empowering our company to be a place where even the most basic tasks are not only met; their initiatives are always welcomed warmly.


We want our employees to see a long-term future of our company and deliver their best performance every day, encouraging them to shape our further activities . Our workplace spirit is open communication, work in feedback system, knowledge and experience sharing.
Transparency is key in our company, because we make numerous decisions every day in all levels of hierarchy and we do not want our employees to wonder on important changes and decisions.

We provide equal opportunities to all our employees and treat them fairly. We believe that every employee can make a difference; those who manage to put much in these actions, we guarantee career growth. We do not believe in speaking things of in existence, instead we make sure that hard work is never unnoticed. We always establish our relations with stakeholders based on honesty and trust. Every employee has a voice in our workplace. We appreciate integrity in every employee, as we are sure that integrity in all spheres can make world better.

Continuous development
We always practice continuous improvement and we are never satisfied with present accomplishments. We believe that there is always something to be changed and improved upon. In the modern workplace, knowledge and technology quickly become outdated over time. We never do business in the same way we did years ago, so we make sure that we always try something new out of our comfort zone. We follow up change and become part of it. We constantly work on ourselves and prepare for further challenges.