The location of our warehouses and distribution centers is selected to minimize the distance between our production sites and our customers. We also achieve synergies by consolidating transport between individual plants and warehouses. Further, we make use of the “mega warehouse” concept, where a small group of main distribution centers, store products until the required quantities are due for on-time delivery to regional warehouses and retailers.

Logistical Operations
Our logistical operations are based on two interrelated flows: inventory and information. As our business operations are diverse, we always make sure that internal processes align and integrate through the supply chain. To ensure full efficiency in today’s competitive environment, we constantly extend our enterprise integration to incorporate customers and suppliers in order to benefit the position of logistics in the broader prospective of supply chain management.

Lead Time Minimization
The successive investments and commitments to logistical operations impact on operational efficiency in various aspects of our business processes. We ensure sustainability in our manufacturing divisions is aligned with wholesale and retail operations that altogether benefit our brands and overall performance. Logistical performance is a key variable for managing constraints, hence we resolve such constraints based on logistical flexibility. For higher customer satisfaction, we focus on operational and operational time aspects in manufacturing and distribution processes to encounter unexpected situations and delays to exhibit greater flexibility for customer requirements accommodation.