Decora Group is committed to sustainable growth. Reaching success and long-term sustainability is possible by focusing on and corresponding to the interests of our partners, suppliers, customers, employees, local communities and other stakeholders.

Innovations take up a significant part of our business success: We constantly apply our creativity, daring and curiosity to strive towards a single, simple and grand vision-to establish Decora as the leading company in brands and manufacturing. This way, we are able to witness the developing future of our businesses and are able to generate value for our industrial and commercial customers and our employees.

Economic Contribution
Decora Group aims to be a good corporate citizen wherever it operates and is committed to creating sustainable value when conducting its business. This is based on a clear vision and a set of shared values that provide the essentials of the behavior and actions throughout the company.
To be a good corporate citizen means to comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations in the communities in which we operate. This includes respecting all relevant tax laws-ensuring the fulfillment of local tax obligations and making right tax payments on time, as required.
Our business operations play a major role in contributing to regional development. We create jobs and business opportunities in the local economy employing more than 700 people, and contribute through our activities as a buyer, supplier, business partner and an investor.


Social Commitments
Our goal is to promote professional development, engagement, motivation and advancement for all our employees. Besides community engagement and creating stable workplaces for our citizens, we try to assist different vulnerable groups and children in orphanages.
One of our main values is patriotism. Besides investing in the economic growth of our country, we are not only conductive to do our best, but also we largely support the Army of our country.

We want to see our citizens employed, well educated and experienced, that being one of our priority targets. Decora Group is offerig internship programs for those interested to learn, develop and experience together with us.

Commitment to environmental responsibility
We bear huge environmental responsibility towards our country. We are committed to reducing our carbon emissions to the environment where possible by constantly investing in Eco-Friendly technology. The company has future tree planting plans.