Brands & Businesses


Domus is the leading home improvement and furnishing chain of stores in Armenia, helping customers have convenient homes within an affordable budget. We not only help people create attractive ideas for homes but also offer clever solutions and expert support.Our mission is make home improvement and furnishing easy and convenient for our customers. We offer affordable prices across 30,000 products that are distributed in our 7 stores in Yerevan.


Decora has a major impact on the furniture market development in Armenia. For more than 20 years, we have earned high reputation of furniture producers, supplying almost the whole market demand for wood boards, worktops, building products, furniture components, and accessories. Owing to our zealous activities we have created thousands of workplaces.


Duson is the most preferable choice for orthopedic mattresses and bedding essentials in Armenia. We offer over 58 mattresses in different price ranges. Our mission is to make sleep comfortable. Duson stands for healthy sleep, healthy life. During 3 years of experience, we have earned a high reputation in Armenia and Georgia competing with worldwide brands of the industry.


With more than 90 years in the market, Teka is a German multinational corporation engaged in manufacturing and marketing kitchen – being considered as one of the leading specialists in built-in household appliances – and bathroom solutions, specialized in built-in household appliances – and bathroom solutions.
Teka is the only brand able to offer its customers integral solutions, providing the best household appliances and the greatest collection of sinks or taps you can imagine.

Kitchen Shop

Kitchen Shop specializes in a wide range of kitchen appliances, furniture and tableware from Teka, Woll, Beka, Kitchen Fun, Amefa and a number of other world-famous brands. These brands are represented in more than 60 countries around the world. In Kitchen Shop you will find a wide range of high quality and affordable kitchenware that will give your kitchen a fresh look.

Bardi Furniture

Bardi Furniture Store has over 20 years experience in furniture importing and manufacturing. The furniture industry uses high-tech and modern technologies that allow us to create comfortable and unique furniture due to the work of our skilled and experienced designers, engineers and craftsmen. As a result of collaboration with leading furniture manufacturers from different countries, Bardi offers a wide range of furniture.